Life Coaching

F. Heath Smith IV is a life coach specializing in transitional coaching for those seeking a more balanced and meaningful life.  As a Board Certified Christian Life Coach, Mr. Smith uses a holistic model of coaching incorporating spiritual awareness into personal goals and objectives.  With 25 years of counseling experience, Mr. Smith is uniquely qualified to help you move from positions of “I Can’t” to “I Can.”

Life coaching is an interactive process that supports individuals in attaining life skills to better enhance their intrapersonal and relational goals. The premise of coaching is that clients are resourceful, capable, creative and competent.  In coaching sessions you may learn better communication skills, decision making skills, stress reduction, visioning and goal setting, values clarification and life alignment, realistic affirmation and many other essential life skills.  Life coaching differs from counseling therapy; coaching is not appropriate if you are struggling with issues that meet the criteria of a mental or behavioral disorder.  If these issues arise you will be supported and referred to a qualified health care professional.  Life coaching is a non-clinical issue.


Areas of Specialty:

  • Life Transition
  • Learning Disabilities
  • ADHD Coaching
  • Parent Coaching


  “Integrity.  Reliability.  Wisdom.  Life coaching opened doors for me that I thought were

closed forever.”   Texas OB-GYN



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